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Girls Who S.H.O.P

We here at Girls Who S.H.O.P are dedicated to the promotion of girls in STEM. We sell a variety of STEM kits and a few apparel peices to bring girls into STEM and be thier own advocates. Check out our tabs to see a variety of options from science experiments to programming exercises. While we do focus on STEM intiatives we are excited to also begin our journey into STEAM, the addition of art into STEM. We happily offer photography challenges and tips to use technology to make art.

Our team of hard working individuals will be available to answer your questions and calm your concerns between 8am and 4pm on Monday through Friday. Check out our "Contact Us" page for more information on how to get in contact with us.

We can be seen locally in communities such as Greenvile, North Carolina gathering volunteers to host events through us to promote these young women in an investigaton of what STEM could mean to them. Groups such as Pitt Pirates Robotics have volunteered to host events for young girls in thier community.

What is S.H.O.P?

S.H.O.P could stand for a million things... and it does! We here at Girls Who S.H.O.P don't believe in boxes other than the ones we send our kits in. The fluid nature of our acronym leaves room for growth into places that our customers want to see. We want to encourage you to explore what S.H.O.P means to you and share your definiton with us by tagging us in social media! Our Instagram handle is @girls_who_s.h.o.p.

Jane Doe
I attended an event hosted in Greenville, North Carolina from this company. The volunteers were local girls like me and even let us walk through the shop of local robotis teams! It inspired me to sign up for the STEM classes in highschool next year and I can't wait to get another STEM kit in mail for my birthday in a few weeks!

Jenny Brown
I ordered a kit from this company for my daughter as a summertime activity to keep he thinking while out of school. She loved it so much and was excited when it showed up with her name on it and the cute packaging. I have begun recommeding these kits to all my friends and they are all lovign them as well! I would highly reccomend to homeschooling families because the kits include almsot everyhting you need.