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H is for:


Health is a very important part of living so have fun exploring with these exciting experiments!

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Cells, Bacteria, and sickness surround us. Use this kit to learn about the tiny things that make us sick.

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Let's learn about mental health! Learn about how to really relax and how to help yourself and others when going through something.

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Makeup that good for your skin! Design your own makeup using safe household products.


Hygine isn't fun to learn about in class, but these experiments might teaach you something your teacher doesnt know!

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Learn about the art of soap making with this kit. You'll be able to make your own soap that you can use!

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Whats in your products? This kit lets you investigate what's in the products you use and how they might affect you!

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When your parents tell you to pick up your room they have a reason. Use this kit to see what happens to dirty surfaces.