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These programming kits can help you learn a new skill or further a skill!

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This kit lets you program a little robot that you build! Just use the cord to connect this little computer that will act like your robot's brain to a computer to program it. Use the website found in this kit to access the programming. You can choose a level of difficulty and the website will give a vairity of challenges.

Kit Contents


This kit will challenge you to go to a programming website everyday for a week and try out a variety of code. You will be able to play around in Java, Block, and so many more!

Kit Contents


Did you know you can program websites too? Use this kit to learn about HTML and design awesome websites!


Photography can be a way to express your creative side and use technology to do it!

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This kit will encourage your inner artist to shine! Just take a picture usign any device an upload it to the website provided in this kit. You can edit it as you please and then print to do some phyical edits as well.

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Collage your shots in this kit and learn how to make digital ones or make them with your own to hands.

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This kit will run you through a fun expiriment where you can test out a variety of devices and apps to see how they impact image quality!